Trump = Hitler? Just Stop It.

July 25, 2016

I get it. We’ve got a bombastic, over-the-top presidential candidate, riding a tide of xenophobia and economic uncertainty, leading to a looming specter of feverish nationalism.

But the many many comparisons of Trump to Hitler are totally inappropriate.

Trump, after all, hasn’t committed the atrocities that Hitler did. I mean, he’s not even president yet. We should probably wait and see what happens before we start throwing around the name of one of the worst people in history.

Hitler was a bombastic, over-the-top presidential candidate who rode a tide of xenophobia and economic uncertainty in a very different way than Trump. And let’s be clear: I’m no big fan of Trump.

Here are ten ways that Hitler and Trump couldn’t be more different. Shame on those who would draw a false equivalency between our dark past and our enlightened present.

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