Shitting the Bed: Diapers, Time Travel, and Hugh Grant

December 16, 2016

Sitting in a circle on the floor of the local natural birthing resource center — by law in San Francisco, there must be one of these centers every 5 blocks — something came to me: I had never changed a diaper in my life. This was a few months before my first son was born.

This is an experience gap I should have considered in the ramp-up to conception. The birthing class teacher — a woman who passionately spoke of all things natural about childbirth and nursing and life in general — was pretty blunt on the diaper angle: Cloth, compostable, or disposable, you’re going to hate diapers.

[Sidenote: The idea of cloth diapers is revolting. Yes, they’ve been around for millennia, but so were rubella, horse-drawn carriages, and Larry King, and you don’t see those things around much anymore.]

So this earth mother woman who worked with us an hour a week for a few months who was passionate about everything childbirth — don’t wash the baby after birth, breast-feed immediately, skin-to-skin contact with both parents, so many things to do with that placenta — basically turned to one of the four things babies do (eat, sleep, cry, ruin diapers) and said, meh, nothing magical about that.

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