The Russia Scandal is Starting to Sound Like a Question on the Law School Admission Test

March 3, 2017

Any lawyer or law student knows the dread that comes with an analytical reasoning question on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This section of the test is packed pure relational logic puzzles that describe fantastical worlds where sets of hypothetical people do very specific things: J never sits next to Q, D always plays piano after H plays the drums, etc.

These questions are a pain in the ass. Some people say they enjoy them. These people are assholes. Avoid them because they’re the same people you’re going to hate in law school and hate more later as a lawyer.

Anyway, with the Russia/Trump scandal ever growing — ballooning to a comical degree — and the GOP just sitting by idly — also to a comical degree — I noticed that the Russia ties are starting to look like an analytical reasoning question from the LSAT.

So I took a crack at writing one:

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