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What Should I Do If ICE Shows Up On My Doorstep?

March 29, 2017
What Should I Do If ICE Shows Up On My Doorstep?

I live in an area of the country that’s been seeing an increase in ICE activity where undocumented immigrants are detained and possibly deported. I’m a U.S.-born citizen. My neighbor is an undocumented immigrant and single mom. One of her kids was born in the U.S. and one was born in the country she came from. I like her. She’s a great neighbor, mom, and member of our community.

So, if ICE comes knocking at my door asking questions about her, do I have to answer? Do they need a warrant to ask questions or come in? Can I invoke any rights? I don’t want to get my neighbor in trouble. Is there anything I should be telling her? She doesn’t seem too concerned about the possibility of anything happening.

— Concerned Neighbor

I’m going to level with you: Lawyers don’t believe that good neighbors exist.

This is because (1) everyone we know is constantly asking us legal questions about their horrible neighbors and (2) nobody has ever filed a lawsuit about a neighbor being too good (except, of course, for the seminal case of United States v. Canada in the International Court of Manners and Politeness). So, it’s nice to get a question where you not only have a good neighbor, but the person asking the question wants to help the good neighbor.

No doubt, there’s increased visibility of ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) deportation activity right now. Let’s start with you, and then we’ll move onto your neighbor.

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Illustration by Sam Woolley.

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